2010-11-10 04:14:54 by DeadPetal


Xbox 360

2010-09-10 21:17:40 by DeadPetal

It's happened! The Xbox 360 finally has internal WiFi! That is such a fucking relief! Now I can go to my aunts and just hook it up in the living room and be able to play online from the big screen. I want it so bad!!

Dino Circle

2010-05-29 23:18:01 by DeadPetal

Here I am again, sitting outside some houses on Temple and 10th, picking up WiFi, since I don't actually have an internet connection of my own.

A few days ago, I went to get my fourth tattoo courtesy of my friend C. She is getting a lot better at tattooing and it makes me happy because I get better tattoos and they are free! This one was simple, a big X inside of a circle on my right wrist. I got it for one of my favorite bands (The XX) and to start working on a treasure map that may span the whole upper half of my body.

All of my tattoos are for bands actually.
My first tattoo was for Alexisonfire, The second was for The Horrors. The third was for City and Colour.
Obviously music is a HUGE part of my life.Limited in musical knowledge may I be, the bands I have heard serve a great purpose.
My girlfriend and I share this in common. Music is life (I realize that saying this, or typing it, is very lame.)

As we were driving home, so that I could rest (getting a tattoo takes a lot out of a person, especially when you haven't eaten) we passed these streets called Dino Circle. Our first thoughts and words from my mouth were "That sounds like a badass band name."

Cella ( my girlfriend) agreed.

Since that day, I have looked on the internet and found that it is not a taken band name, and I immediately took the myspace,and facebook pages for it. So, it looks like I have a band to work on. It's been mutually decided that we would span many genres of music, and I get to play Bass guitar and do vocals. Cella is taking up the Guitar/ Vocals/ Synth and our friend Eriel is playing Triangle/ Tambourine/ Drums.

I'm freakin' excited... now I just need to save up for a bass :D haha

Dino Circle

Toro Y Moi and Caribou LIVE @ The El Rey Theatre

2010-05-20 15:21:57 by DeadPetal

Yesterday I went to a show up in Los Angeles with my girlfriend Marcella. We went to go see Toro Y Moi and Caribou at the El Rey Theatre. The night started out well enough, you know... getting lost, trying to find parking, and what-have-you. I think at around eight, we started to walk into the theatre and I have to say it was smaller than I expected but it was really nice.

Let's skip all the theatre details...

That shit got packed!
When the show actually started, and Toro Y Moi opened up, everyone gunned for the stage! I didn't realize there were that many fucking people. So my girlfriend and I squeezed our way onto the standing room ( I felt like it was a dance floor) and watched as they opened up with 'Low Shoulder'. I was so happy to hear the music, because I change as a whole. The drum beat is the rhythm of my heart and the sounds make me want to orgasm left and right! The flashing lights, holding Marcella's hand, and being surrounded by all these peoplejust added to the experience.
I don't think Toro Y Moi got enough time on stage, but those guys were really good none the less.

The curtains came down, Marcella and I started talking about random stuff. I'm pretty sure the girl to my left wasn't happy about my hand constantly rubbing up against her ass.. but I wasn't to happy about people violating my personal space either haha.

Mother fuckers, are INSANE!
As the main act, I guess that's to be expected.. but I didn't expect it. For the most part I had never really heard to much of there music, but when it came on I was dancing, swaying, rocking my head, and trying to not get dizzy with the flashy lights. Their drummer is a fucking BEAST TOO! I swear, that guy had to be a robot to be able to go so fast and precise, oh and the lead singer played drums too. I've never seen dueling drums before, so that was new.
Mmmm and when I saw that KORG! I knew that I was in love with the band even more....

Anyway, I'm going to stop now since I'll probably be repeating a lot of stuff, but seriously good stuff coming out last night. Made me want to get a Mac, a KORG, and spend some time in my garage trying to compose some beats.

Who knows, I might get good at it.